Adding Layers of Learning

While Peeling Away Layers of Tension: Recommend a Few Books for Equine Practitioners First, I would like to invite you to go on a little “trail ride” with me where I will highlight some of the mentors who… Read More

The Body Doesn’t Lie (podcast)

Sandy Vreeburg saves the day!

Mirror in the Stall (podcast)

Staying true to the horse

My business is growing by the day. The more horses that I work on, the more feeling and intuitive and capable I become. It is an incredible method, and while I am so happy that I have pursued… Read More

Masterson Method Hands-on Seminar at Moon Valley Ranch Watsonville CA

I am very excited to be assisting in this Masterson Method Hands-on Seminar! Check out the details below. Hope to see you there. Masterson Method® Beyond Horse Massage Hands-on Seminar-Workshop Equisance, Inc. at Moon Valley Ranch, Watsonville, CA… Read More

Are Horses Really Made for Riding?

Each time I have taken the Whole Horse Dissection course taught by Ivana Ruddock there is an in depth and very emotional discussion about why horses were not made for riding. But rather than coming away distraught by… Read More

Beyond Horse Massage Weekend Workshop July 11-12 Palo Alto

I am excited to be assisting in the Masterson Method Beyond Horse Massage Weekend Seminar-Workshop, July 11 through July 12 at the beautiful Stanford Stables in Palo Alto CA. It will be taught by Vanessa Helvy. I truly… Read More

Look what the Masterson Method can do!

I was sent this video clip of Dakota after a recent session I had with him. He is 20.., had been stiff and short striding on hind left. After I worked on him he walked around the arena… Read More