The Body Doesn’t Lie (podcast)

Sandy Vreeburg saves the day!

Staying true to the horse

My business is growing by the day. The more horses that I work on, the more feeling and intuitive and capable I become. It is an incredible method, and while I am so happy that I have pursued… Read More

Masterson Method Hands-on Seminar at Moon Valley Ranch Watsonville CA

I am very excited to be assisting in this Masterson Method Hands-on Seminar! Check out the details below. Hope to see you there. Masterson Method® Beyond Horse Massage Hands-on Seminar-Workshop Equisance, Inc. at Moon Valley Ranch, Watsonville, CA… Read More

Beyond Horse Massage Weekend Workshop July 11-12 Palo Alto

I am excited to be assisting in the Masterson Method Beyond Horse Massage Weekend Seminar-Workshop, July 11 through July 12 at the beautiful Stanford Stables in Palo Alto CA. It will be taught by Vanessa Helvy. I truly… Read More

Look what the Masterson Method can do!

I was sent this video clip of Dakota after a recent session I had with him. He is 20.., had been stiff and short striding on hind left. After I worked on him he walked around the arena… Read More